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What is Access Bars?

The Access Bars® is a set of 32 points on the head which, when lightly touched, stimulate positive change in the brain and defragment the electro-magnetic components of stress, thought and emotions. This gentle, non-invasive technique works on releasing both physical and mental blocks stored in the body and helps facilitate greater ease in all different areas of life. A session of Access Bars® can help with the following: • Greater mental clarity • Motivation • Significant increase in joy and happiness • Deeper relaxation • Insomnia • Anxiety and depression • Health and weight management • Stress and overwhelm • Migraines • Panic attacks • OCD and more.

What is Vibrational Medicine?

Ho can this help ADD/ADHD/PTSD?

What is far Infrared Light Therapy? 

What is a Certified Crystal Practitioner? 

Why are Crystals used in Vibrational Healing?

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