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The AO Scan™ illuminator

The AO Scan™ illuminator

The Solex Illuminator is an advanced topical wellness device designed with three specialized red light laser diodes.

  • The AO Scan™ illuminator


    • Stimulates collagen production for firmer, smoother, more radiant skin 
    • Deep red light laser-tissue penetration for: 
      • Pain Support
      • Vasodilation
      • Blood Cell Function
      • Rejuvenates skin, and visibly reduces blemishes and other signs of aging


    The Solex Illuminator combines the latest dermatological technologies of red-light therapy and therapeutic warmth to aid and transform your skin.  

    • Red-light therapy: Enhances tissue rejuvenation and stimulates collagen to improve the appearance and vibrance of your skin.  
    • Therapeutic warmth: Increases the absorption of skincare products by enhancing skin permeability and blood flow.  


    How to use: 

    • Place device against skin & move slowly in an upward direction
    • Use in two-minute increments in any one area
    • Protect eyes from exposure to laser diodes


    Intensity Laser Settings:

    • Intensity 1: 20mw
    • Intensity 2: 50mw
    • Intensity 3: 120mw
    • Intensity 4: 180mw


    Cleaning Instructions:  

    • Use an alcohol wipe or any antiseptic wipe to disinfect.  
    • Air-dry the device or use a clean towel to dry.  
    • Make sure the device is completely dry before using it again. 
    • Do not submerge in water.  
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