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AO Scan™ - PETS Health

Did you know that animals, even our sweet pets, have an instinct to mask signs of illnesses?

  • 2 hours
  • 150 US dollars
  • Weatherford

Service Description

This behavior is a natural instinct of protection for all animals. In the wild, masking signs of illness is essential for survival against predators; and not only that, this type of behavior is also essential to prevent rejection and protect their association within a pack. This instinct makes identifying illness in our pets no easy task. We rely on symptoms that we can see and hear such as vomiting and diarrhea, limping, and abnormal vocalization such as whining or crying. But, what about the symptoms we cannot easily identify? What about the symptoms that do not appear until the illness has developed into a more serious or dangerous stage? Fortunately, this is where the AO Scan Technology comes in! The Pet Scan was specially developed to serve as a communication tool between our pets and us. It was designed to help us easily identify any imbalances they may be experiencing and signs of illnesses not visible to the human eye. So, how does it work? Solex has compiled a database of unique Blueprint Frequencies that allows you to compare your pet’s frequencies to the Blueprint Frequencies. The Pet Scan will then display any variances that could be causing certain behaviors, illnesses, or any anomalies in your pet. With the information provided in the scan, you can then take any necessary measures to get them the help they need.

Contact Details

  • Weatherford, TX, USA


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